Greek-Indian Business Association (GIBA) website launched

On the occasion of the Thessaloniki International Fair, in which India is the honored country this year, the Greek Indian Business Association (GIBA) has created and launched a unique website that connects Greek and Indian entrepreneurs from all over the business spectrum. The site is bilingual – in Greek and English – and you can visit it at the following links:



The site was designed by IPress Digital Creations Company using the most up-to-date and secure technology. GIBA’s next goal is to maximize the traffic of the website through search engines and advertisement. GIBA aspires to establish efficient ties with many businesses, business associations, and chambers both in Greece and India.

The GIBA website will host news, studies, articles and financial announcements. We strongly believe, it will play an important role over the coming years in the further development of Greek-Indian economic relations and promoting cooperation between the two countries’ businesses.

The Greek-Indian Business Association (GIBA) with its highly qualified and experienced Board of Directors is undoubtedly the safest portal for Indian entrepreneurs seeking partners in Greece and the European Union and for Greek entrepreneurs seeking new markets for their products in India’s fast-growing economy.

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