Press Release – Launch of the Greek Indian Business Association

We are delighted to share with you that in the biggest trade fair that is organized in Greece, Thessaloniki International Fair, that takes place from the 7th to 15th of September, India, will be the Honored Country. The Honored Country sets the ‘stigma’ of the Fair with a detailed presentation of the Nation’s distinctive characteristics from a wide range of fields, from culture to entrepreneurship.

Under these circumstances, the establishment of the Greek Indian Business Association (GIBA), by a group of well-respected entrepreneurs, in June 2019 is of high importance.

GIBA is dedicated to encouraging the cultivation of long-standing relations between the Indian and the Greek Business Communities by providing cross-border legal and professional facilities to interested entrepreneurs. In addition, we plan to organize networking events in India and in Greece with participants from both countries along with lectures, conferences, and B2B and B2C meetings.

GIBA members represent all facets of the international professional business community addressing critical investment and technical issues, with specific programs focused on industry, trade, tourism, shipping, aviation, logistics, film production, life sciences, insurances, banking, information and communication technology, real estate, energy, and venture capital.

GIBA has at the cornerstone of its action plan the belief that the business relationship between India and Greece are passing by a more holistic approach that includes the foster of the relationship between the two nations in the fields of education, tourism, sports, films, and entertainment.

The Association works closely with the Indo-Hellenic Society for Culture and Development (ELINEPA) to provide support to the above mentioned educational, social, cultural, environmental issues that we want to arise.

We remain confident and optimistic that the Indian-Greek relations can become the next success story as the two nations share the same respect for their long-lasting history and traditions that have shaped them as two historic and respected nations worldwide.

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